Who is EquiMind?

Never stop dreaming of that special moment someone sees and rewards that special relationship between you and your horse with a red rosette.

I know that horses and riders/handlers come in all shapes and sizes, and with a wide variety of talents and problems.

Well, I definitely had a mindful moment 5 years ago, when my beautiful horse had to break me to make me realise that our relationship was not about riding and being ridden…

One last time

After 30 years with horses, I wanted to do it once more from the start – and I bought a youngster. My beautiful girl was already a pro from the ground, and we started introducing the saddle without any problems. All went well until one week, where she threw me twice.

Nothing worrying, but enough to step back and get some help. We did a brilliant riding lesson on the lunge with our trainer and intended to finish off with a relaxed trot on a slightly longer rein. And that’s all I remember!

She must have been bucking and bolting for a while before I flew off. The first thing I clearly remember is a friend offering to drive me to hospital, and me wanting to get to school for 3pm. Thank God, she insisted!

Life changes

After a few operations, I had to have a new hip, and, eventually, I started working with my beautiful girl as a partner from the ground. To this day, she is still the most loving and talented horse I have ever met – she will be “my girl” forever! 

I should mention that I am quite a driven person, and working towards a goal is an imperative in my life. With my crutches gone, and the hope of helping find a purpose and stimulation without having to go places, something had to happen for me and other broken riders and horses, as well as those lacking transport or a big wallet.

The EquiMind idea was born

A place where thoughtful riding and horsemanship are celebrated.

Come join me and thousands of riders & handlers from the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, USA and Australia!