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Horse Shows Reinvented!

Is travelling with your horse tricky or too expensive?

Do you feel that you and your horse are no “show material”?

Do you wish you could compete bitless?

Is your horse the best trick horse ever?

Does your veteran horse need stimulation?

If you have answered any of those questions with a YES , EquiMind is for you!



No registration fees.



Check out all disciplines and classes and pick your favourites.



Practise your test or start taking photographs.



Video your test, or pick your best photo.



Send us your video or photo link via mail to 

Use YouTube, Dropbox or wetransfer to send us a link.


Results & Prizes

Qualified judges will judge all entries, results will be posted online, rosettes & prizes get mailed to you.

  • EquiMind is very easy to use and if you have any questions, they are extremely quick to respond to messages on their social media and are really helpful. There are also lots of ways to send your video in to be judged, making it easy for anyone to get involved.
  • My daughter loved her 1st place rosette, Thankyou Equimind for all your help and advice
    Mary Lewis
  • A fantastic company focused on training and improving both you and your horse.
    Ruby Pepper Butchers
  • Great Feedback, Very Helpful  I will defiantly be entering again!
    John Evans
  • Easy to enter, great range of classes and great feedback from the judges - and fab rosettes. What more do you want 🙂
    Jill Hackett
  • Hi. I just wanted to say I went to a “live” show over Christmas - my score had increased by almost 10% since the last time and we got amazing feedback from the judge. I know that the Equimind test practice and the training sessions have both been hugely helpful for our skills and confidence. Big thanks! Looking forward to 2018!
    Lorraine Rees