Ideas for stable bound horses

Ideas for stable bound horses

No turn out yet? Injured horse?

Here are some ideas to keep your horse happy…

  1. Drop an apple in the water bucket as it will float and entertain your horse
  2. Have a radio playing throughout the day
  3. Buy a treat ball
  4. Design a mobile made from vegetables or fruit (don’t hang it too low to avoid stable accidents)
  5. Hide treats around the stable in various places for the horse
  6. Attach a Likit to the stable wall
  7. Buy a stable mirror (make sure it is shatter proof)
  8. Feed hay in a small hole hay net
  9. Buy a dog toy for the stable, you will be amazed how much fun horses can have with those
  10. Hang a small bottle of water on a string by the door for horse to play with (l)
  11. Put an old football or a small horse ball in stable
  12. Cut some fresh grass and put on the floor
  13. Cut some dandelions and put in stable
  14. If there are nettles growing in your area, cut a whole bunch, and put them in stable when fully dried
  15. Put some dabs of liquorice extract in the stable the strong smell will keep him amused
  16. Hang a wind chime near his stable
  17. Cut a horse friendly small branch ( treesandhedging-co-uk/horse-friendly-plants/) for the horse to chew on
  18. Buy a small water feature for the yard, the sound of running water calms horses
  19. Hang a familiar rug over his door like his best friends or girl friend to make him for relaxed
  20. Have a salt block in the stable
  21. Hand two hay nets on opposite sides in stable so he can wander between them both
  22. Get a small hand full of hay, and twist both ends opposite ways into a long sausage; once its twisted, make a knot in it and pull tight, the horse will chuck it around and play with it
  23. Fill a hay net and bury fruit inside
  24. Get some natural calmer which increases the Serotonin level in the brain (it’s a neurotransmitter making the horse happy); the best one I have found so far is from



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