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S20 – The perfect Turnout

S20 – The perfect Turnout


Do you need help to create the right look for you and your horse?

Since most breeds and most showing classes have their own requirements when it comes to turnout of the horse and the rider, the preparation for a specific class can get quite confusing from time to time – especially, if you are hoping to qualify for a championship, or want to stand the chance of winning a championship.

We have experts at hand – judges, trainers, and producers who will help you to get “show ready”.

We need:

  • The class(es) you want to enter.
  • 6 photographs of your horse ( front view, side view, and rear view without saddle; side view with show tack; close up horse with show bridle; close up show saddle on horse)
  • 4 photographs of the handler/rider in full show outfit (full body front view and rear view; close up head with helmet; close up of your accessories, e.g. gloves, cane)

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