Circus Lectures Level 1

Circus Lectures Level 1

Circus Lectures Level 1


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Circus Lectures – Level 1
20x40m Arena
Download the test sheet after purchase or mail us for a copy

It all starts here, with some easy circus lectures. You should have mastered some trick lectures already to master this class.

Apart from a number of standard elements, you may choose 2 elements of your choice:

  • some fancy pole work
  • park-out
  • step up on a pedestal with two hooves
  • circling
  • turning, dancing
  • sipe-pass
  • fleming
  • head shaking/nodding (yes/no)
  • leg crossover (dancing)
  • painting
  • roll out the carpet

Important: You must ensure that your horse has done enough warm up exercises before attempting any of the above test elements, and never ask more from your horse than it is willing to give. The ground needs to be soft. Treats, the use of your voice and a schooling whip are permitted.


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