Best Jumping Photo

Best Jumping Photo

Best Jumping Photo


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Do you have the best jumping photo ever?

This class will be judged on style over the jump, not the height. Whether you are a lead rein rider or a BSJ competitor – only your seat, balance, and connection are judges. A single shot full body photo is required. Photos must be of ridden or loose jumping horses.

Please keep in mind that our professional judge can only judge what is visible on your photo!

PHOTO TYPES: *any type of ridden or loose jumping photos

JUDGING CRITERIA: *Rider’s Seat & Visible Aids  *Movement *Harmony

RULES: *Riders have to wear helmets or a suitable hat *All submitted photographs have to be free of any copyrights

PRIZES: *Rosette/Gift voucher  *Short judge’s protocol *EquiMind voucher for all 1st places [ONLY EquiMind UK competitors]


As per June 2022, not only our judges will score your photo entries.
All group winners in every class will get scored again… by YOU on Facebook and Instagram to find our overall class winner.


Simples,… have a look at all photos and give your favourite a heart.


Facebook and Instagram – we will be adding up all hearts (please also add the displayed photo number in Instagram).

How much time do I have?

Will always post the voting deadline for every class, and each heart added after the deadline won’t count.

What’s up for grabs?

That might change for every class and month depending on the sponsor.


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