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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that you will find the answer to your question here, if not, please contact us via the form on our contact page or E Mail: Silke@equimind.co.uk We are happy to help.


Q: Do I have to pay to become a member?

No – your membership is absolutely free. You only pay for entering a competition.

Q: How do I send you my video entry?

To send your video/photo to Equimind, you simply save your video with your name, date and class number.

* If you have a YouTube account, upload your video and email your YouTube link to silke@equimind.co.uk or our Submissions page. If you don’t have a YouTube account but would like to open one (it’s free), here is a link: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/161805?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en

* Alternatively, you can upload your video/photo to our private Facebook Rider Group. Everyone can access our public page, while the private page is exclusively open to competitors and not publicly visible. We will move videos off our Facebook pages, if you don’t want to have your video/photo shown on Facebook/YouTube/Website.

* Dropbox (https://www.dropbox.com/?landing=fd) or WeTransfer (https://wetransfer.com/) are two other options for free uploads. Simply, open a free account, and forward the link to our email address, silke@equimind.co.uk or our Submissions page. Due to the smaller amount of data, photos can be sent directly as an attachment to your mail.

* Once you have entered, you will receive a confirmation email. You can send your video/photo at any time before the last day of the month. So, take you time, and make sure you send us your best “take”.

Q: What are the Equimind Rules?

All our competitions are governed by the current rules of:

British Dressage, FN, The Pony Club, British Show Pony Society, Trec GB, Western Equestrian Society
We have special rules on the use of aids and the welfare of horses – please read our Rules. Any circumstance not covered by these rules will be handled at the discretion of EquiMind.

Q: What is Your Acceptable Dress and Tack?

Riders may wear suitable riding clothes, a correctly fitted riding helmet and riding gloves, or competition gear.
We don’t insist on dressage, show and western saddles as long as saddle and bridle are suitable in size and fit.
Depending on the class, the use of humane aids is permitted.
All bits and tack have to comply with rules of the respective discipline and we encourage riders/ handlers to compete bitless, or even bridleless.
Horses may wear bandages or boots as well as eye and ear covers, as long as it serves the welfare of the horse.

Q: What is the best way to Video my Test?


Any video of a dressage test must be ridden in a correctly measured “arena” of either 20 x 40 or 20 x 60. Any surface will be accepted as long as it is safe for rider and horse to be used.
All dressage videos must be taken from “C” without any interruption in landscape format with sound.
We will not accept any tests which have been edited.
A video of an individual show can be ridden on any surface as long as it is safe for rider and horse to be used.
All ridden showing videos must be shown as indicated in our instruction video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yolRYqMSFOM  (Halt sideways to the camera – camera walk around the horse – walk away 10m from the camera – trot back towards the camera, directly followed by an individual show – this show should include a figure of eight in the trot, right and left rein canter (no canter for lead rein classes), a final halt sideways to the camera.
For an in hand show, the handler will present the horse as follows (instruction video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_niq2HcBw4): halt sidewyas to the camera – 10m walk away from the camera – trot back towards the camera –  continue trotting in a large circle on the right rein and come to a final halt sideways to the camera.

The rider has to produce the pattern as indicated in the pattern sheets which indicate the position of the camera.

Q: What Type of Videos do you prefer?

We appeal to all competitors not to use videos of shows they have attended. First of all, the quality might be of inferior quality due to other competitors in the picture and the incorrect position of the person filming the video.
All photos and videos can be uploaded to our Facebook Rider Group (all videos will be moved to our database, and not shown on Facebook, unless permission is given by the competitor), Dropbox, We Transfer, YouTube, or our Submissions page.
Competitors are required to check all possible copyright issues since EquiMind will not admit any liability or costs incurred as a result of copyright infringement.

Q: Is there anything else we should know?

No entry will be accepted unless proof of payment is be provided.

More than one entry per class is permitted, as long as every video entry is paid for in full.
All judges decisions are final.
Competitor are required to check all possible copyright issues since EquiMind will not admit any liability or costs incurred as a result of copyright infringement.
We appeal to all riders to enter appropriate classes. Riders/horses with BD dressage points and/or combinations who have competed at HOYS should always enter open sections. This will enable less experienced riders and horses to compete against riders/horse of similar experience. We will automatically enter horse/rider combinations in open sections should they achieve three scores of 70% and above at  any level in a discipline.
Practice classes are open to any rider/horse combination regardless of their experience.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
Prizes will be awarded to all riders/handlers. Should the entries for one class warrant a restricted/open or Junior/Senior section, rosettes will be awarded accordingly.
EquiMind reserves the right to refuse an entry without stating a reason.

Q: Is there a Rider League?

The rider league will accumulate all placings of one rider/handler for one calendar year. Every rider/handler may compete with different horses.

The points for the 2017 rider league are calculated as follows:

1st place = 10 points

2nd place = 9 points

3rd place = 8 points

4th place = 7 points

5th place = 6 points

6th place = 5 points

7th place = 4 points

8th place = 3 points

9th place = 2 points

10th place = 1 point

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