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Showing Training Classes

Showing Training Classes Overview​

Here, you can find all our training showing classes. Entering one of these classes won’t earn you a rosette but should give you valuable advice while you are working towards entering a competition class, or making sure that you are on the right track.  Your feedback for any training class will be returned within the week and much more detailed with suggestions to improve.

Ridden Training Classes

M&M Large Breeds – Ridden

M&M Small Breeds – Ridden

RoR Retrained Racehorses – Ridden

Veterans – Ridden

Warmbloods – Ridden

Lead Rein Ponies

Best Mare

Best Gelding

Coloureds – all types

Odd Coloureds

The perfect Turnout

In Hand Classes

M&M Large Breeds – In Hand

M&M Small Breeds – In Hand

Warmbloods – In Hand

Veterans – In Hand

RoR Retrained Racehorses – In Hand

Young Stock – In Hand

Best Mare In Hand

Best Gelding – In Hand

Coloureds – In Hand

Odd Coloureds – In Hand


Please remember to take your video according to our guidelines which will be explained here:

Ridden show:

In Hand show: