Summer Championship

EquiMind Summer Championship 2020


Results - International

Qualifications - UK only

(please contact us for other international qualifications)


All rider will receive a rosette according to the place. For every discipline, we will crown a Champion & Reserve, as well as a league winner (calculated from the result of the last 6 months).

And our lovely sponsors will add some amazing prizes

Riders qualify with one place among the first 6 competitors in a class held during the qualification months.

We will contact all qualified riders – please get in touch if you feel that we have left out any of your scores.

Every discipline has its own Champions and Reserves.

Every rider will have the same chance of a win, no matter if he/she enters once or multiple times. And that’s who we ensure that you are all having a fier chance…

The Championship calculation:
50% –test scores (A+B score; total)
+ 25% –correct execution of all asked elements
+ 25 % –harmony between horse and handler/rider (judge’s impression)

1.  Groundwork 1 Champion & Reserve
2.  Groundwork 2 Champion & Reserve
3.  Dressage Intro Champion & Reserve
4. Dressage Prelim Champion & Reserve
5.  Dressage Novice Champion & Reserve
6. Dressage Elementary Champion & Reserve
7. Dressage Medium Champion & Reserve
8. Dressage Concordia Champions & Reserve
9. Jumping Champion & Reserve
10. Western Champion & Reserve
11. Para-Dressage Champion & Reserve
12. Para-Horse Champions & Reserve
13. My first Pony Champion & Reserve
14. Showing Champions & Reserve
15. Vaulting Champion & Reserve
16. Driving Champion & Reserve
17. Bitless Champion & Reserve
12. Photo Champion & Reserve
13. Kids Photo Champion & Reserve

Summer Championship 2020

wdt_ID First Name Last Name Qualification Entered Result Place Special Scoring
1 Reanne Farrer Championship Photo
2 Patricia Dew Championship Photo
3 Hana Drahošová Championship Photo
4 Lynda Hill Groundwork Level 1
5 Lynda Hill Championship Photo
6 Gill Lygo-hackett Showing in hand
7 Ann Dijkstra Groundwork Level 1
8 Ann Dijkstra Obedience in hand
9 Ann Dijkstra Circus Lectures Level 1
10 Ann Dijkstra Groundwork Level 1 C
First Name Last Name Qualification Entered Result Place Special Scoring