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Showing Competitions Classes

Showing Competition Classes 

The qualification rounds for our Summer Championship are now open and running in the months from March 2020 to August 2020. The Winter Championship will be held in September 2020. During the qualification months, all riders in the first 6 places of each level will qualify automatically.



In Hand Classes

S9 – M & M Large Breeds In Hand

S8 – M&M Small Breeds In Hand

S11 – Veterans In Hand

S13 – ROR Retrained Racehorses In Hand

S15 – Young Stock In Hand

S21 – Coloureds in Hand – All Types

S25 – Warmbloods in  Hand

S27 – Donkeys in Hand

 Ridden Classes

S2 – M&M Large Breeds

S1 – M&M Small Breeds

S3 – Warmbloods

S4 – RoR retrained Race Horses

S5 – Veterans

S22 – Coloureds – all types