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Introductory Freestyle to Music

Introductory Freestyle to Music


Introductory Freestyle to Music (2016)

​This is where your journey to the world of dressage starts. Aimed at dressage beginners (horses or rider), lead rein riders, riders/horses not yet able to canter in a safe manner on a 20 m circle under test conditions, young unbalanced horses etc. Movements include working trot 20 metre diameter half circles, 20 metre circle allowing horse to stretch, medium walk, free walk on a long rein, halt from walk. We have decided, not to restrict you in any way with your choice of music, e.g. vocals are permitted without restrictions.


  • COMPETITION = Your entry will be judged at the end of the month & prizes awarded
  • TRAINING = Your entry will be judged and returned within 5 working days; no prizes are awarded

We will not check on any of your existing memberships but you need to be a music/full BD member, and have a music licence to play copied music in public. To register, please follow this link:

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