Introductory Freestyle to Music

Introductory Freestyle to Music

Introductory Freestyle to Music


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Introductory Freestyle to Music (2016)

​This is where your journey to the world of dressage starts. Aimed at dressage beginners (horses or rider), lead rein riders, riders/horses not yet able to canter in a safe manner on a 20 m circle under test conditions, young unbalanced horses etc. Movements include working trot 20 metre diameter half circles, 20 metre circle allowing horse to stretch, medium walk, free walk on a long rein, halt from walk. We have decided, not to restrict you in any way with your choice of music, e.g. vocals are permitted without restrictions.


  • COMPETITION = Your entry will be judged after the closing date & prizes awarded
  • TRAINING = Your entry will be analysed and scored with helpful comments on your score sheet after the closing date, no prizes are awarded

We will not check on any of your existing memberships but you need to be a music/full BD member, and have a music licence to play copied music in public. To register, please follow this link:

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