Groundwork Seniors 20+ Concordia

Groundwork Seniors 20+ Concordia

Groundwork Seniors 20+ Concordia


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Groundwork Seniors 20+
20x40m Arena
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This class is very dear to Silke, the founder of EquiMind! Her 34 year old crossed the bridge in Summer 2019. She fell asleep in her favourite field, and simply didn’t wake up anymore the next day. This has reminded her of the time they spend together, and how important it is, not only for us. After a life of being ridden, groomed and cuddled, many old horses are turned away and left without much stimulation.

Just because your horse is ageing, there is no reason to stop working and mentally challenging your horse. Working with your horse from the ground is very rewarding – have a try and decide for yourself!

In Hand work develops trust, helps to establish boundaries and it’s something you can do when they can’t be ridden to keep the horse from getting bored.

Please make sure that you read up on the Concordia rules which are overriding & adding additional criteria to our EquiMind rules.


  • COMPETITION = Your entry will be judged at the end of the month & prizes awarded
  • TRAINING =Your entry will be analysed and scored with helpful comments on your score sheet at the end of the month, no prizes are awarded




Fine Contact Competitions have been born from the desire to find the most compassionate ways to care for, work, train and compete with our horses. They will reward correct training, lightness, partnership and trust, and are designed for those who seek the most respectful ways to communicate our requests, and for ridden horses, the most comfortable ways to carry us.
Fine Contact defines a subtle connection between horse and human. In ridden work it also describes the soft, stable, equal and elastic contact that the horse takes with the hand of the rider, taking account that the horse may be ridden with or without a bit. Such a contact allows the horse to work with a natural length of neck and the nose in front of the vertical. With horses in their early training, re-schooling or rehabilitation, this means that the posture is forward down and out, then as the horse gains balance and strength he very gradually learns to carry more weight on his hind legs by rounding and lifting his back and withers, so in the more advanced dressage competitions, as the horse shows greater collection, the neck is still long and the nose in front of the vertical.
Please note that bridles with flash straps are not permitted in Concordia classes. You may use a schooling whip as an extension of your hand and treats (of course).

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