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Blood Test Review

Blood Test Review

If your horse is unwell or injured it is good to treat the symptom, but it is better to fix the issue that caused the symptom.

​Our job is to help your horse by getting rid of the underlying causes of illness and injury while improving health and performance.  We do this by focusing on each individual horse and their needs to produce a personalised formula.

The process is simple

  1. Request your vet to take bloods (a CBC and Full Chemistry Panel is required).
  2. Once bloods have been taken, ask your vet for a copy of them to be sent to you by email.
    (We do accept blood work results taken within the last 6 months, simply ask your vet for a copy of the report).
  3. Using the form below, attach the report, include a brief history about your horse, including what you feed, what you want their supplement to target and any issues your horse has been having and checkout.
  4. Our expert team will review the report and customise a formula tailored to your horse’s unique nutritional needs.
  5. We will then advise you of the cost (minus the original Blood Review cost) and you then decide if you wish to proceed with your Custom Blend.



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