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Equine Science Products

Equine Science has been one of our sponsors for the EquiMind Summer Championship, and we are delighted to offer you a 10% discount on all their products. If you want to buy one of their products, you will be taken to the secure Equine Science website. Simply send us a short message, and we will be sending the discount code your way!


Equine Science provides a cutting edge range of natural, nutritional and powerful Nitric Oxide based equine formulas to support and maintain optimum health, performance and recovery.

If your horse is unwell or injured it is good to treat the symptom, but it is better to fix the issue that caused the symptom. Equine Science does this by focusing on each individual horse and their needs to produce a personalised formula. All they need are the results from a recent blood test…

Blood Test Review

Digestive Health – Gastro PRO™


Digestive Health – Gastro PRO Extend™

Blood Flow & Recovery – Bute-EZ™

Calming & Focus – Calmer Bites™

Calming & Focus – Calmer PRO™

Blood Flow & Recovery – Electro PRO™

Joints, Ligaments & Soft Tissue – FlamOx PRO™

Hoof Health – Hoof Growth™

Hormone Health – Hormone Balance™

Immune Health – Immuno PRO™

Joints, Ligaments & Soft Tissue – JointPlus PRO™

Hormone Health – Moody Mare™

Muscle Support – Muscle Balance™

Muscle Support – Muscle EZ ™

Blood Flow & Recovery – NitrOx PRO™

Joints, Ligaments & Soft Tissue – Nutra PRO™

General Health – Perform PRO™

Respiratory Health – Pulmon PRO™

Respiratory Health – Pulmon PLUS™

Digestive Health – SFM PRO™

Digestive Health – SFM PRO – Blood Flow™

Digestive Health – SFM PRO – Extra Calmer™

Digestive Health – SFM PRO – Joint & Calmer™

Digestive Health – SFM PRO – Joint & Hoof™

Digestive Health – SFM PRO – Joint Support™

Eye Health – UVE PRO™