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Welcome to EquiMind,

on all competitor related pages, you will find the results of the last months and previous Championship, as well as our current “Top 10” for each discipline, who will fight over the top place in our next Championship.

To view the content of our library and EquiMind test sheets, you will have be a paying member or contact us directly via – all BD test sheets are available for purchase from BD or via – we are not permitted to publish those test sheets.

Libraries contain a variety of interesting video and information material, and we are constantly adding more…

For now, we want you to have fun as an EquiMind competitor and invite you to like our Instagram, Twitter and FB page and become a part of our EquiMind rider group on FB.

One final word about Social Media – words are powerful! They can be encouraging but also very hurtful – be fair & be nice to each other!

Good luck,
Silke and Ari