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Blind Horse Competition Classes

A visually impaired or blind horse is usually unable to live its life to the full, which makes our efforts to stimulate these horses mentally and physically even more important! Please specify with your entry whether your horse is partially or fully blind. 

Our blind horse classes are designed for horses with a visual impairment of at least 50%. If you horses has been showing or doing dressage before losing its vision, we would love to encourage to enter any class you wish. Simply send us a note to make our judges aware of the problem, and we will take that in consideration.

Blind Horse Dressage Intro

Blind Horse Intro In Hand

Blind Horse Walk & Trot In Hand

Visually impaired horses are particularly close to our heart, and we will do all we can to support you and your horse. You can contact us with any problem you might encounter – we will find someone in our network with an answer!